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What is a Knot? Understanding Knots in the Body: How to Treat and Relieve Them

Don't let knots get you down, lets untangle them! What is a Knot in the body? How should we treat them? Does massage help?

What really is a"Knot" in the body?

A common question our massage therapists get is "What is a knot in the body? How should I treat a knot?"

A knot is an adhesion in the tissue of the muscle; a spasm that causes a small portion of muscle to tense up. It can be uncomfortable and commonly shows up in tense areas of the neck, shoulders, back and legs.

Close up of Muscle Fibers with a Knot

What can causes Knots?

●    Strenuous workouts

●    Repetitive movements that can make the muscle tense up

●    Performing a task in a sitting position for too long (commonly causes knots in the upper back or legs. When sitting down for long periods of time, your body can stiffen)

●    Sitting at a desk or driving a car for a long time

What are the Benefits of Massage for Knots?

Massage therapy helps relieve knots by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscle, reducing discomfort and tension. Treatment may vary from a few days for smaller knots to consecutive sessions over a few weeks for larger knots. Unfortunately, untreated knots can lead to chronic pain.

Types of Massages to Relieve Painful Knots: Signature Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Headache Relief, Trigger Point.

Does a Massage Therapist treat a Knot?

Trigger Point Massage: Applying pressure on a knot can release it after continuous attempts. A professional massage therapist may assist in this type of massage and may be of help when experiencing knots in specific areas of the body. They may find the root of the knot and locate which muscles need to open up in order to relieve the specified area. A lot of times it is the muscles surrounding the knot that cause the pain and discomfort.

How can I treat a Knot at Home?

Trigger Point Ball/Cane

Use the ball or cane on points of stress in the body at your own ease. This can mean laying on the ball so it relieves tension in the upper back or using a cane to deeply massage a specific point between the shoulders.

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mats are made of fabric and covered with hundreds of tiny, sharp, short plastic spines. When you first lie on an acupressure mat, it may be uncomfortable on your back. But after several minutes the discomfort gives way to a tingling sensation and eventually physical and mental relaxation. A 20-minute session before bed helps some people with insomnia issues. You can also stand on it for a foot massage.

Infrared or Regular Heating Pad

Opens up and relaxes the muscles, allowing for relief of the surrounding area

Self Massage at home and Acupressure Mat

Untangled that Knot? Follow these Aftercare Instructions

●     Stay mobile- walk or exercise 4-5 times a week

●     Stretch regularly-look for youtube videos to follow like this one.

●     Warmup the muscles with heat or a bath

●     Drink plenty of water-stay hydrated

●     Epsom salt bath: can help raise magnesium levels in the body to improve mood levels.

Absorbed through the skin to help relax muscles, relieve pain, and reduce swelling!

Tip: Soak bath towels in the water and wrap around your shoulders and neck.

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