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All Massage Treatments

Let us boost your circulation, loosen your tight muscles and soothe your nerves. Get ready to enter a deep state of relaxation as your mind, body and spirit go on a mini vacation. 

Acupressure Neck Massage


Our blend of European and Swedish massage is a healthy boost for your tired and aching muscles. This massage helps to relax your nerves,  increases your circulation and strengthens your immune system. Request gentle, moderate, firm or deep pressure to suit your needs. The ultimate stress buster designed especially for you!


Utilizes deep stroking and friction therapy to aid in healing muscle problems. Recommended for chronic muscle spasms, neck stiffness, tight shoulders, and stiff backs. The best massage for those who want a treatment that penetrates into deeper muscle layers to alleviate knots. A revitalizing tune-up to increase mobility!


Swedish massage is designed for stress reduction and enhanced wellness. It consists of stroking, kneading and lengthening techniques. Excellent for general circulation and flexibility while easing chronic tension and eliminating muscle toxins. This massage is known to boost immune system function as well as reduce insomnia and anxiety. Your massage therapist will customize your massage treatment according to your needs. The best remedy for tired and aching muscles!


Manual Lymph Drainage Is a series of precise, gentle, and rhythmic massage techniques designed to stimulate and accelerate the lymphatic system’s natural healing ability. In turn, cleansing the body’s tissues and giving a new approach to recovery, health and beauty. MLD activates the body‘s drainage system in which excess fluids and impurities are removed from the tissues and ultimately removed by the kidneys. With this treatment you can look forward to pain relief, accelerated reduction in swelling, elimination of bruising at a faster rate, alleviation of numbness, and prevention of scar tissue formation.


Our Headache Relief Massage has been specially designed for people who struggle with headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, TMJ and jaw pain. This treatment focuses on soothing tension in the head, neck and face to bring you the comfort and relaxation you deserve!


We offer pregnancy massages in the second and third trimester. If your doctor recommends massage in the first trimester, medical permission is necessary to schedule an appointment. We are referred by NYC doctors and hospitals for the easing of back pain, leg cramps, and muscle soreness. Our pregnancy suite must be requested in advance. You can totally relax on our custom shaped pregnancy massage pillows or table!


Specific techniques that may help alleviate pain and aid in your recovery for diagnosed conditions.  A doctor's prescription is recommended, but not necessary. Can be used in conjunction with chiropractic and physical therapy. Also for pinched nerves, whiplash, back injuries, sciatica, and muscular trauma. Let us ease your discomfort with specialized Medical Massage techniques!


A vigorous massage recommended for the athletic individual, which employs strong manual techniques as well as compression, trigger point, and stretching. Recommended before or after running or exercising to help heal injuries and reduce knotted tissues. Increase muscle power, endurance and flexibility!


This form of massage therapy will help breakdown the tension and energy in certain areas of your body, and will help your body use this energy in a productive and invigorating way. Balance your energetic field with a gentle healing touch!


Kneading and pressure points applied to the feet. Reflexology relieves pain, improves circulation and decreases stress. Deep tissue work may be incorporated to loosen knots, improve mobility and reduce discomfort. Ask your therapist for polar lotion for a cooling foot treatment. Say goodbye to sore and tired feet!


Healing energy is transferred through the hands of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage physical or emotional healing. Reiki is a gentle, but effective way to promote self healing!


Involves long strokes sustained by pressure to stretch and lengthen fascia. It helps to elongate chronically restricted soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, scar tissue, and muscle knots. Relieves tightness!

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