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The Healing Power of Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy Mom’s-to-be can experience a multitude of changes within your body and mind. While your body is going through these big shifts, we are here to help you restore your muscular and nervous system so balance can be achieved. A peaceful pregnancy massage is an experience you can look forward to!

The Basics of Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage is typically a massage conducted after the first 13-14 weeks of pregnancy. Our massage therapists that preform this service have obtained a prenatal certification and specialized training. We offer either face-down or side-lying positions. A face-down massage is preferred by most clients here at Eastside Massage, with special cut-outs on our table for the belly to fit through. Side lying consisting of laying on your side with body pillows and/or wedges for support. While face up in the second portion of the massage, you will be elevated on a special wedge pillow where your head will rest above your heart; gradient elevation is offered for relaxation.


 Throughout the course of your massage, your muscles will be kneaded and loosened up so you can feel less fatigued and refreshed. Certain pressure points in the lower back and ankle are avoided. A relaxing to moderate pressure is used; if firm pressure is preferred, the massage therapist can accommodate, however deep pressure is not recommended. Your comfort and relaxation is always our goal.

Cutout for face, breasts, and stomach that provides face down comfort.

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

·      Relax tight muscles

·      Reduce stiffness and achiness

·      Improve sleep

·      Regulate mood

·      Relieve stress and anxiety

·      Reduce swelling

·      Reduce sciatic nerve pain caused in the late trimester

Manual Lymph Drainage for Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

Your lymphatic system is largely responsible for creating a clean environment. It does so by boosting your body’s immunity and reducing inflammation while getting rid of harmful toxic buildup within. The lymphatic system is a complex network of organs and tissue that rids the body of toxins. The lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent way of clearing the body of accumulated contaminants. After childbirth, as the body works to shed this excess fluid, swelling can become more pronounced. Hormonal shifts also affect how the body manages fluids.


If your face is puffed up and your legs, feet, ankles, hands and arms are swollen and you have already given birth, a postpartum massage would do wonders for you! Postpartum swelling can be caused by a buildup of the excess fluid that is caused by blockage in the tissues under the skin. It can also increase from the extra fluids received via IV during labor and delivery. Our lymphatic drainage massage can effectively push the fluids out from under the tissues into the bloodstream to drain properly. Once drained, the body goes into a state of healing thus allowing the swelling to go down.


Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage after Childbirth

Pain Reduction: Light, rhythmic strokes can significantly reduce the discomfort and tenderness associated with edema.


  • Boosted Immune System

  • Relaxation and Emotional Well-being

  • Quicker Postpartum Recovery

Bonus Tip : Join a Mom Community!

Local Facebook Groups

  • Moms of the Upper East Side (MUES)

  • UES Mommas

Helpful Websites

  • - Track your pregnancy with your partner, take courses for parental education, registry options and more

  • track pregnancy, ovulation, connect with the online mom-community

Ready to book your Prenatal, Postnatal, or Manual Lymph Drainage Massage?

Call our Wellness Coordinators at 212-249-2927 to schedule your appointment or book online with the Eastside Massage Therapy App.

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