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Recharge Your Batteries: Reiki and Energy Balancing

by Kimber Erskine

Life is full of ups and downs. When we are affected by a negative or positive occurrence, it happens first on an energetic level that then spills over into the physical and mental state.

Take a moment to assess your own energy at this present moment. How do you feel? Is your phone more charged than you? Are you holding on to feelings from past events? Is your routine suddenly too much? When our energy feels permanently depleted, what can we do to renew our ourselves? There might be one solution you haven’t considered or heard of: Reiki.

Reiki is a “laying of hands”; a contactless or light contact energy balancing massage. It is an ancient form of alternative therapy, emerging in Japan in the late 1800's. Healing energy is transferred through the palms of the practitioner in order to promote emotional and physical healing.

Prior to a reiki session, you will be asked to identify the person, place or thing associated with any energetic disturbance that you want to release. Through the session you will be guided through letting these influences go, with the goal of being energetically unattached to the past.

Every reiki practitioner offers a different experience and every unique situation will be handled on an individual basis by means of reiki. Depending on the gravity of your energetic situation, you may want to do a series of sessions targeting specific issues. At Eastside Massage we offer reiki in its traditional “laying of hands” form as well as our Energy Balancing Massage which blends reiki with therapeutic massage techniques.

A personal anecdote: I booked a Reiki session at Eastside Massage in an effort to put negative experiences behind me. I did not want past events to have control over my emotions. After my session what I once considered burdens, I now view with a neutral perspective and indifference. I am able to clearly see how these things pale in comparison to what really matters. Reiki is for that reason, is enlightening and empowering! I’ve become more conscious of where I direct my energy. I will definitely be going back for more because healing does take time.

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Science has taught us that energy can be measured, identified and harnessed from physical or chemical resources to provide light and heat to help things around us function. When it comes to humanity, energy isn’t only relegated to what we’ve been told or associated with objects we need and use for convenience.

Energy is the source of all life and when we neglect it, we feel the effects in more ways than one. Avoid that now, check in with yourself. You can be proactive about clearing, protecting and renewing your energetic levels. Book a reiki or energy balancing session with us and discover how it feels to truly let go!

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