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Massage & Immunity

by Kimber Erskine

Summer is over. We’re in a frenzy for the impending coziness: sweaters, coats, scarves, cute boots, and hot cider. Schools are in full swing. Everyone is busy back on their schedules and the holidays are fast approaching. With the cold air blowing in, if we’re not prepared we can get sick. Our internal weather is what's most important!

There are so many factors that can throw our body off: kids coughing, standing in an elevator with people sneezing, subway cars teeming with contagens. The germs that we meet each day are not always friendly. An empowered immune system is necessary to prevent and cast away any nasty invaders from our system. There’s nothing worse than getting sick during these months. What else can we do to prepare?

Good nutrition, proper rest, hydration and exercise helps a lot. But let’s stay positive and get some extra insurance to boost your immune system with a relaxing massage. Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Deep Tissue Massage help to repair damaged tissue, reduce stagnant tissue fluids such as lactic and uric acid ( the stuff that makes your muscles ache!) stimulates blood and lymph flow, and improves range of motion.

Just as stress cannot dwell in a calm body, neither can illness.

Relaxation can build resistance against those viral infections that come with the season. Stress is one of the leading causes of immune systems failing to perform at its best. Massage can stimulate your own personal army of lymphocytes: white blood cell types. They are the fighters of our blood and the army we need to strengthen to keep our immune system upbeat, not downtrodden.

Massage also alleviates nasal irritation, headaches, congestion. Don’t forget to ask for our Headache Relief Massage which will help with not only headaches but any sinus problems and jaw issues.

While massage is great to boost immunity, you should never get a massage while you are sick.

The increased blood flow can circulate the virus around your body and make you feel even worse. Additionally, getting a massage while your health is compromised can put your massage therapist at risk of catching your illness, as they are coming in close contact with your body.

If you are feeling tired or drained, this is a great time to book your massage! If you have caught a cold, virus or flu, get your rest and have a massage after the storm has passed. Do your part to prevent any colds this season by washing your hands, covering your mouth and preparing for battle with an immune system booster massage with Eastside Massage!

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