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Happier Holidays: Give To Yourself First So You Can Share With Others

As the holiday season continues, we’re offering you some important self-care tips! Have you considered the importance of self-care at Christmas time? Whether you realize it or not, self-care is the most precious gift you could give to yourself and those around you. In a frantic bid to do everything and get the most out of this special time, it’s more than easy to allow ourselves to fall to the wayside. You matter and need to keep your batteries charged! Here’s how.

Detach from your phone

Of course you need to stay in touch with your family, children and loved ones. But avoid looking at every notification that comes in! Have a special ringtone set for your important people so that your time is not frittered away with over activity and engagement. Try to set aside time to engage with your phone, so that at the end of the day there can be time scheduled for you. Taking a walk, exercise class, reading a magazine or just looking up at the sky to see the changing cloud formations will help prevent text neck.

More reasons to unplug:

Did you know that certain colors we typically see on our phones can incite all kinds of emotions? When red is used for notifications, subconsciously, it can create a feeling of urgency. Although the urgency may not be real, it may lead to you feeling unnecessarily alert.

Overstimulation can cause excess muscle tension and spasms, overloading the nervous system with fatigue and a wide range of other symptoms.

Even the brightness of the screen on your phone, or color schemes of your favorite social media sites (white, blue etc.) can give you the illusion that it’s day time. This can make it harder to wind down to sleep at night.

Stay Active

During the holidays many of us stop prioritizing exercise in order to make room for seasonal celebrations and activities. If you find yourself in a funk this holiday season, ask yourself when the last time was that you broke a good sweat.

According to psychology today, “Regular exercise builds up levels of these important mood regulators, becoming a buffer for stress, anxiety, and depression. When it comes to improving how you feel, getting regular exercise can be as effective as taking antidepressants.”

Release Negative Thought Patterns

Creating a positive affirmation can alter your subconscious. Our Director, Robin Ehrlich who has been in the healing industry for 37 years recommends the following affirmation, “I am magnetic to the love and care I deserve.” If you don’t believe that, you may find it hard to say. Mantras become affirming when they are spoken in confidence. So repeat this until you believe it. In doing so, you’ll find your outlook on a lot of relationships in your life may change. It’s all for the better. You’ll release negative thought patterns and bring the positive things closer.

Stay Pampered

Nurture yourself with a massage, manicure or facial. This is one surefire way to restore a sense of balance and serenity. Work to build yourself from within this holiday season. You can survive and thrive! Prevent burnout and buy yourself a discounted package of 3 massages during our annual gift card sale.

Now, take a deep breath and have a wonderful holiday season!

Text by Kimber Erskine & Emma Bragdon

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