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Unlock Inner Peace: Effective Stress Management Techniques

As the holidays approach, life tends to become busier with the tasks of planning, last-minute gift shopping, and family gatherings. Stress can be likened to a snowball rolling downhill; the more you allow it to consume you, the larger it becomes within you. Several factors, such as financial stability, work-life balance, and family relationships, can contribute to stress-related symptoms.

At Eastside Massage, we embrace stress with the goal of eliminating it. Through a massage, you can physically feel those worries dissipating, creating a haven of peace and tranquility within your body. To sustain the post-massage sense of tranquility, it's essential to have effective stress management strategies at your disposal.

Look out for these signs of stress:


Little to no appetite

Hair fallout

Muscle tightness


Back, shoulder & neck pain

Skin eruptions & acne


Chronic aches and pains

Combat Burnout with these 7 Stress Management Techniques:


Director Robin Ehrlich recommends Steven Halpern for soothing music. Many of our clients enjoy it during their massage. He is a musician who is considered one of the founding fathers of new-age music. Super relaxing for the body and mind.


Aromatherapy can help relax the nerves in the body with a simple inhale. Paired with breathing techniques, this can be a calming meditation for some. Lemongrass, lavender, and orange are all aromas that help release the stress from the body effectively.

Long walks

Long walks can be paired with music or a friend. A walk can help increase mobility throughout the day and is recommended in the morning after waking up.

Massage Therapy

A massage can physically take the stress out of your body through light or deep touch. Here at Eastside Massage, we offer Swedish and our Signature Therapeutic massages for those who aim specifically for stress relief!


Journaling helps with our busy minds and thoughts. Everything we write down can be put into perspective from our future selves and can be therapeutic to let out. With such hectic lifestyles like in today’s society, we often forget to sit down with our thoughts, journaling can help curve unnecessary anxiety and stress that we cause ourselves! It helps you understand yourself and releases stress and tension from the mind and that helps the body relax. The body-mind connection is powerful.


Meditation can start from 5 minutes a day and increase as you practice. You can start by sitting in a comfortable position that is not laying down, closing your eyes and letting your thoughts run. Robin Ehrlich, our Director, practices daily and recommends that Deep Breathing is key. Tell yourself, “I’m breathing in relaxation, and exhaling stress.” The goal is to let your thoughts come as they please, then let them go. Meditation helps with letting go of unnecessary thoughts and feelings of anxiety and stress. The more you practice, the more calm you are throughout your days!

Baths with Epsom Salts

Epsom salt baths help to relax the body while relieving pain and cramps. It can help to eliminate toxins in the body and restores magnesium in the body that we lose while we are stressed. To utilize maximum benefits, pour two cups of epsom salts in your bath and soak the body for ten to twenty minutes. For skin moisture, consider adding 1/4 cup olive or coconut oil or self massage with these natural products. It is good skin food and hydration. Rest for two hours afterwards. Reward yourself because you deserve the BEST!

Bonus: try a hug or a smile for a positive energy transfer :)

Love and Light,

- The Eastside Massage Team

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