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The Benefits of Manual Lymph Drainage

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Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a specialized manual treatment which helps the body to heal efficiently after surgery and challenges from other conditions. With a gentle, slow, nurturing movement, MLD stimulates the natural drainage of the lymph system in the body’s skin and connective tissue. It is like Drano for a clogged system. The cleansing effect of MLD treatment is significant. When the fluid load becomes greater than the transport capacity of the body, swelling can result. Since it is an uncomfortable and unhealthy state for the body, MLD is indicated to enhance health, drainage and healing. Not to be confused with a regular massage, these manual maneuvers activate lymph and fluid acceleration; which helps to support the optimal function for you.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage includes:

● Reduces edema, scar tissue, and puffiness

● Stimulates drainage of waste products

● Boosts immune system

● Enhances cellular function

● Promotes the beauty and health of the skin

● Deeply relaxing and soothing

● Eases anxiety, depression, and insomnia

● Helps the remodeling process post-surgically

● Speeds up the healing process

Alleviates some effects from PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Lymphatic Drainage is critical to our body’s ability to function during peak performance. This scientific structured de-congestive physiotherapy is custom tailored to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, and filter out waste products to create a healthier immune system. We promote this service to clients who have undergone surgeries and those who are pregnant or postnatal. In addition, those with chronic sinus problems, immune system issues, plastic surgery (face lifts, liposuction, mommy makeovers, Etc.) long COVID or post COVID conditions, spinal surgeries, as well as other orthopedic (elective surgery or reconstruction surgery.)

At Eastside Massage you have the option of combining services, so you may request a half hour of MLD plus a half hour of other massage services we provide, to get an hour of combined treatment. For example:

● Deep tissue massage to reduce post-session soreness and swelling from the knots, spasm, and scar tissue breakdown

● Therapeutic massage to speed the removal of byproducts of muscular contraction and ease soreness

● Swedish massage enhancement for circulatory purposes and to produce a deeply relaxed state

● Sports massage to speed the healing of injuries

We advise that if you’re booking half and half, the first half will be a massage service listed above and the second half MLD. *please note: by requesting this service, prices will vary*

Here at Eastside Massage, we have experienced NYS licensed Massage Therapists that are certified in Manual Lymph Drainage.

● Nicole has over 2 decades of experience in Massage Therapy. Her main specialty is post operative MLD after plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as post-covid conditions.

● Esmeralda has over a decade of experience with MLD for pre and postnatal, PMS, cellulite, sinus, and headache issues.

● Robin, our director at Eastside Massage has almost 4 decades of experience. She is highly regarded for of her medical experiences serving cases of pre and post-op, aesthetic surgery and cranial surgeries.

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