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Massage Therapy as Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Suffering with allergy symptoms? Massage can help. Here's how.

Opening Sinus Passages. Massage therapists can target and open your sinus and nasal passages by way of facial and head massage techniques that relieve pressure and help airflow. This helps with decongestion, which is a major cause of headaches. All of our certified massage therapists can help you relieve pressure and decongestion, and prevent as well as treat the accompanying headaches.

Lymphatic Drainage. By getting a Manual Lymph Drainage massage, you will feel the livening effects of toxins being cleared from your body, the removal of excess fluid, and the reduction of inflammation. Manual Lymph Drainage is a great natural option for those suffering from any form of seasonal allergies, because with the removal of toxins comes the improved functioning of your immune system. This of course helps you to remain healthy in the face of allergy season.

Asthma. Unfortunately, allergies can worsen the effects of asthma, a condition that makes breathing difficult and can cause pain and/or wheezing. If you are asthmatic, you might want to consider adding massage therapy to your treatment regime, especially during allergy season. In a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it was evinced that massage therapy has been an effective treatment in children with asthma. By improving pulmonary (lungs) functioning, symptoms associated with asthma and worsened by allergies can be reduced with the help of massage therapy.

Stress. When we are stressed, our immune system suffers as a result. Massage therapy is known to help alleviate the stress that we acquire from our everyday lives. It is important to remember to take care of ourselves in the midst of all that goes on, because being healthy allows us to function to the best of our abilities. Try our famous Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, or a different massage type today to feel the soothing effects of relaxation.

Text by Abby Letson


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Jul 13, 2022

I just came across your blog and found it useful for massage therapy. The blog has really helped me, so I saved it to my favorites. I would love to read more related blogs.

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