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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Healing for All

We are not your traditional spa. Our practice has offered New Yorkers so much more than cushy robes, heated massage tables, free aromatherapy and caring therapeutic massage with spa music. Our mission is to provide our clients with astonishingly effective massage at affordable rates. While a typical day spa has rates upwards of $175 per hour, we offer a wide range of services for $100 per hour. What was traditionally deemed to be a luxury service we have made accessible, with services beginning at $60 for a half hour massage. We understand that physical ailments do not discriminate, everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle! With an extremely diverse clientele unified by human experience, no one is excluded at Eastside Massage. We provide massage therapy to the young, old and in between. Massage is for every body!

Discounted Rates for Students

Students vary in age these days, but no matter what, stress and anxiety from excess workload and other pressures can affect the body over time. Students carry a lot of stress in their shoulders, and may develop migraines or an inability to focus. On a ramen budget? No worries -  Eastside Massage offers a special student discount of $5.00 off with valid student ID (minor consent form required for students under 18). Massage can help alleviate the side effects of a rigorous course-load and busy extracurricular schedule. Once you’ve done away with physical stress to your body you can excel in your academic pursuits!

Discounted Rates for Seniors

Seniors have paid their societal dues, and need the utmost care and attention to maintain their physical independence. Massage has been proven to increase mobility, ease arthritic pain and improve posture. Balance issues, recuperating from falls and surgeries can remedied with a regular massage regimen.  Eastside Massage is responsible for a lot of the limber, sharp seniors in the Upper East Side! We offer a special $5.00 off discounts to seniors starting at age 65.

Discounted Rates for Hospital Staff

We care of our caretakers at Eastside Massage. We’ve seen enough Grey's Anatomy and House to understand the degrees of stress medical professionals deal with on a regular basis. Massage boosts immunity, calms the mind and promotes good health over all so you can continue to guide patients toward the same. With valid hospital ID we offer $5.00 off to our hospital employees.

Other Discounts

Even if you don’t fall into these categories, Eastside Massage will celebrate your birthday with you offering a discount email every year. We also commemorate your relationship with us by sending you a discount email on your anniversary date with us! If you can’t wait that long, we offer packages of 5 and 10 for all durations (30m, 60m, 90m 120m) at discounted rates. Eastside Massage Therapy truly does, and always will have your back!

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